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PCC SOC 228 Environmental Sociology


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Reduce Animal Products

#4 Plant-Rich Diet

I will enjoy 1 meatless or vegan meal(s) each day of the challenge.


Buildings and Cities

Express My Support

#54 Walkable Cities

I will find out who in my city makes decisions that impact neighborhood walkability and express my support for better walking infrastructure.


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    Brandon Suarez 4/25/2018 5:52 PM
    That was interesting. I wasn't very adventurous with my vegetarian choices, but I do felt like it forced me to eat healthier and local food.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/21/2018 7:44 PM
    Finally, a vegan meal in this challenge. Salad with vegan dressing, chips and salsa, pistachio nuts and raisins. I definitely felt like a had to eat a lot to feel full.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/19/2018 8:24 AM
    I failed in my meat free challenge yesterday. Had some guests from out of town who wanted to eat out. Difficult to avoid the delicious meaty options.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/17/2018 8:48 AM
    With the Eco Challenge of a vegetarian meal a day, I feel like it's going well enough. But, I definitely rely on dairy for calories and fat to keep me going through the day. Even though I'm relying on the dairy industry, it's still easy to find local dairy products: Tillamook cheese, cream cheese from Eugene, and half and half from the Alpenrose dairy. They are definitely more expensive than the other options at the market, as pointed out in the Story of Stuff, but the flavors are much better than the cheap stuff. Focusing on buying the local stuff has been a positive result of this challenge.

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    Brandon Suarez 4/15/2018 8:37 PM
    Mac and cheese with a chocolate chip cookie.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/14/2018 3:19 PM
    Bean bowl with cheese. Fail on no dairy.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/13/2018 10:10 AM
    Coffee, banana, bagel with cream cheese. Feels like I'm relying too much on dairy for proteins. Will do a non dairy somehow tomorrow.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/12/2018 5:28 PM
    Salad with quesadillas.

  • Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/11/2018 5:38 PM
    Tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. No meat was aok.
    Buildings and Cities Express My Support
    How could better walking infrastructure make your city both more enjoyable and more equitable?

    Brandon Suarez's avatar
    Brandon Suarez 4/10/2018 11:22 AM
    Portland is a great place for walking--but that's just inner Portland. I used to live in East Portland (118th and Halsey) and it was just dangerous to go for walks. I had a husky dog and I loved to daily walk for miles with her, but in East Portland we had to really watch our back on the long residential streets with no sidewalks. It was frustrating and eventually we moved out of that part of town because walkability is big livability issue.

    The city could do a better job of treating East Portland as part of a city that prides itself on livability, so I emailed Mayor Ted Wheeler to remind him of these needs.