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    Women and Girls Fund Family Planning
    When family planning focuses on healthcare provision and meeting the expressed needs of women, it results in empowerment, equality, and well-being, and the benefits to the planet are side effects. Why is family planning an important civil rights consideration?

    Fern Deininger's avatar
    Fern Deininger 4/23/2018 10:50 AM
    I've realized with time how threatened I feel by the potential loss of Title X. Sen. Joni Ernst, Sen. Chuck Grassley, and Rep. Rod Blum are my reps. They are all conservative, and all voted actively against family planning accessibility time and time again. There's a serious feeling of betrayal when the government officials assigned to an individual actively work against the individual. As a woman, I need family planning rights and access. As a member of a family, I see how it Title X benefits everyone. We were all born one way or another. It should be a universal right.
    Food Learn More about Regenerative Agriculture
    Clean air, clean water and healthy food are three reasons to care about regenerative agriculture. In what ways can you support your closest regenerative agriculture farm?

    Fern Deininger's avatar
    Fern Deininger 4/23/2018 10:47 AM
    I attend a monthly farm forum on regenerative ag and carbon sequestering, as well as meeting every other week with a group of regenerative ag advocates and the Boulder Open Space Coalition. I buy local whenever I can, volunteer hours on farms, and now manage an organic farm in Louisville. I planted some cottonwoods along coal creek to assist in erosion on a farm there this weekend. 
    Transport Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

    Fern Deininger's avatar
    Fern Deininger 4/23/2018 10:45 AM
    I try to walk or bike a different path to school every day. I have found joy biking the extra distance to the bike path to get to work rather than riding on the street. I've noticed I'm so much less stressed if I don't drive in the city. Back home, driving is stress free since it's so beautiful along the gravel roads. In Boulder, driving is a pain. That's why I didn't bring my motorcycle. Biking is so much easier, especially since I work as a bike mechanic.

  • Lexy Timmermans's avatar
    Lexy Timmermans 4/19/2018 1:13 PM
    Supporting women-owned business is super important in bridging the gender gap and allowing women to have a greater role in the international market economy. I have been for some time wanting to by these hemp reusable bags by the company handsonhemp for a while now and the Drawdown EcoChallenge is the perfect opportunity! This company is online but the manufacturers are located here in Boulder! It is a woman owned small business committed to deep sustainability. The hemp bags are for grocery use like buying in produce and bulk. It's a great way to integrate zero-waste smart shopping and support a wonderful, local, sustainable women owned business!

    • Fern Deininger's avatar
      Fern Deininger 4/23/2018 10:52 AM
      LEXY I LOVE THIS. You rock for taking the time to use hemp bags for produce, while also supporting women owned businesses. Hemp bags from a women owned company benefits 2 important eco-words-- economy and ecology. aHHH you're great.

  • Lexy Timmermans's avatar
    Lexy Timmermans 4/19/2018 12:48 PM
    I was confused on what biomass was before researching about it but it's actually a form of fuel that everyone already knows. It's the burning of organic materials to create heat or electricity. This was the first fuel method to be discovered--Burning logs of wood to make fire. Biomass can also be other materials such as certain crops, Hawkins mentions a certain type of grass, forest debris and manure. Hawkins in his description really emphasizes that this is not the solution, rather a means of bridging the gap to clean energy. It is a carbon neutral solution if done right. The use and replenish nature of it has to be in balance or else it will create more carbon in the atmosphere. How it works is that trees are grown by harnessing energy from the sun and Co2 in the atmosphere. When you take that tree and burn it, you are releasing the Co2 back into the atmosphere so it is a closed loop system. This can go bad when trees are being harvested from forests and used faster than we regrow them, concluding in more Co2 and deforestation. 
    Women and Girls Learn about the Need for Family Planning
    What did you learn about the need for family planning? Share some of the learning with your friends!

    Fern Deininger's avatar
    Fern Deininger 4/16/2018 9:35 PM
    my senators and reps have voted numerous times against title x which is the federal grant dedicated solely to family planning and accessible services.

  • Lexy Timmermans's avatar
    Lexy Timmermans 4/16/2018 8:03 AM
    Temperate Forests are composed of coniferous, evergreen, deciduous and mixed associate trees. They are really important for the state of the Earth right now because they house a variety of biodiversity, protect watersheds and are considered carbon sinks. Carbon sinks means that they sequester carbon instead of emitting it into the air. Temperate forests are all over the U.S. They're usually categorized into two groups, deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous forests are largely found in the East where leaves will change colors and fall in autumn. Evergreen forests are mostly in the Pacific Northwest region. We are provided with a lot of goods from these forests including commercial goods like timber, food, fuel, bio-product and eco benefits like carbon storing, nutrient cycling, water, air purification and maintenance of wildlife habitats. There is a lot of restoration happening around these forests already which is good. It's a really low-cost strategy with big benefits. 
    Land Use Learn about Local Indigenous Practices
    What did you learn about indigenous peoples' land management that you can apply in your own life?

    Jacob Harrison's avatar
    Jacob Harrison 4/10/2018 6:05 PM
    I learned small practices like a home garden can make a difference in climate change in areas that aren't as protected from climate change as indigenous land is.

  • Fern Deininger's avatar
    Fern Deininger 4/09/2018 8:50 PM
    When I first read Drawdown by Paul Hawken I was stoked Climate change always seemed too large to be able to put in a book. Not only did Hawken do so in a comprehensive and organized why, but he also included hundreds of solutions to reverse its effects. Silvopasture is one of the ways I have been interested in approach a portion of my land. We try to approach our land in a regenerative way-- we utilize a large carbon sink, have dedicated plant/herb reserves, create intentional habitat for native bees, incorporate permaculture design, and use no-till cover crops to prevent top soil/moisture loss. Silvopasture is the next logical step for our timber. Incorporating rotational gracing and stacked planting through the alleys of fruit trees creates nutrient dense and biodiverse yields. My friend has a monocrop apple orchard that she will inherit in a few years. I think it'd be the perfect place to start a silvopasture. I reread Drawdown recently and I was juuuust as stoked as I was in the beginning. It's comprehensive and digestible. 

    • Deanna Pumplin's avatar
      Deanna Pumplin 4/09/2018 9:13 PM
      What you are doing is so encouraging!  We have a very small new orchard, with semi-dwarf root stock, recovering from deer pruning and chickens pecking around roots through wired cages.  Sheet mulched over the quack grass and topped with bark.  I really want to plant pollinators, some brassicas and other greens among the trees, change the soil conditions, and hope for being able to eventually have real managed least for small sheep and chickens.  Time to read up on this!  Thanks for posting Fern.

  • Lexy Timmermans's avatar
    Lexy Timmermans 4/08/2018 6:56 AM
    Yesterday was Boulder's first Farmer's Market of the year!