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Patricia Tierney

Sustainable Floridians-Brevard

"Responsible and mindful living enhances our relationship with earth."


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Support Nutrient Management

#65 Nutrient Management

I will buy from organic and local farmers who have made the decision to not use synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.



Keep Track of Wasted Food

#3 Reduced Food Waste

I will keep a daily log of food I throw away during the EcoChallenge, either because it went bad before I ate it, I put too much on my plate, or it was scraps from food preparation.



Use Muscle Power

#49 Cars

I will cut my car trip mileage by only taking necessary trips, and I will only use muscle-powered transportation for all other trips.


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    Patricia Tierney 4/23/2018 6:45 PM
    Thinking about health. 
    Mine and our Mother’s. 

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    Patricia Tierney 4/22/2018 7:51 PM
    Happy Earth Day!
    One Truckee River represented in Reno!
    We love our river! 😘

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    Patricia Tierney 4/19/2018 2:22 PM
    Snow flurries or was it sleet last night? Spring weather is still a bit all over the place. Looking forward to riding my bike soon!
    Conserving water, as our water main is broken and we haven't had water in the entire complex for about 24 hours! Luckily I can conserve and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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    Patricia Tierney 4/17/2018 8:14 PM
    Love our coop! Bought some local honey (for my tea). 
    The owners and employees are nice and knowledgeable. They make me want to shop there. 
    They are all young and cute, too! I like supporting a local, sustainable business who supports local sustainable businesses. 

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    Patricia Tierney 4/15/2018 7:36 PM
    I redeemed myself in the eating category today. I made a vegan curry, using ingredients that I had in the house. It's really good, too! I'll be living off that for a couple of days :-) Tomorrow morning I'm making a vegan blackberry cobbler (oat milk!) for a work event. Non-dairy ice cream, too!

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    Patricia Tierney 4/14/2018 6:59 PM
    Today I toured a cave in NV that was used thousands of years ago to cache useful items by indigenous people. I was reminded when people lived more simply and there were fewer of them and the impact was less. 

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    Patricia Tierney 4/13/2018 9:28 PM
    Checking in, although I am struggling to find anything specifically encouraging to share today. I drove my car to work instead of biking.
    I cooked beef for dinner instead of eating vegetarian.
    I brought my reusable coffee cup to the coffee shop but they still managed to use and toss one of their cups even using mine!
    Tomorrow is another day!!
    Transport Use Muscle Power
    How do your transportation choices affect your engagement in your community? Does your experience differ while walking, riding transit, biking or driving?

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    Patricia Tierney 4/11/2018 6:57 PM
    Right now it is too windy to ride my bike to work. It's not even too nice to be outside, but that is temporary. It's nice to bike, as you enjoy the scenery better!
    Food Keep Track of Wasted Food
    An average American throws out about 240 lbs of food per year. The average family of four spends $1,500 a year on food that they throw out. Where would you rather use this money?

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    Patricia Tierney 4/11/2018 6:56 PM
    And sampling food from other cultures. And learn how they manage food waste.
    Food Support Nutrient Management
    How does environmental quality influence your sense of community?

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    Patricia Tierney 4/11/2018 6:55 PM
    I love supporting the local coop and buying locally grown produce. The coop is creative and supportive and an interesting place to learn things and meet people.