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Fort Collins Sustainability Leadership Program Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/25/2018 7:18 AM
    Participating in the Drawdown Eco Challenge has helped me focus my energy and effort on issues that have been on my mind for a while now.  Actually making time to research and implement these solution has been very rewarding.
    Food Learn the Truth About Expiration Dates
    Now that you know the difference between use by, sell by, and best by dates, how will you view expiration dates differently?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/25/2018 7:15 AM
    Understanding the difference in these dates is extremely helpful in reducing food waste.
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    What do you think contributes to people in North America eating more meat than other countries, and what does this say about North American values and ways of living? How do we start shifting a meat-focused food culture?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/25/2018 7:14 AM
    Educating people about the environmental impacts of meat production is a good starting point.  Discussing the health benefits of a more plant based diet is another option.

  • Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/24/2018 11:36 AM
    Celebrating Earth Day Fort Collins on April 21st, which is hosted by our organization - the Sustainable Living Association. Thanks for joining us! #UnSelfie4Earth #DrawdownEcoChallenge
    Electricity Generation Rooftop Solar Consultation
    Identify some ways in which modern human societies have become unsustainable. What kind of roles do individuals have in creating and changing practices in society?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/24/2018 11:14 AM
    We have considered going solar for many years now.  The Challenge inspired me to actually investigate the costs and benefits associated with installing a system on our home.  The initial investment has always been the stumbling block, so I'm hoping that educating ourselves will bring us to a better understanding of the investment and the  ROI.
    Buildings and Cities Plan to Insulate
    How can you make your home more energy efficient?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/23/2018 9:04 AM
    This challenge made me think about the smaller things such as insulating around the attic door as well as upgrading the insulation around our home doors.  When we replaced all of our windows and doors the energy saved was tremendous.
    Buildings and Cities Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! What's next?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/20/2018 7:26 AM
    We switched to all compact florescent bulbs years ago.  I'm glad that LED's are now available because they're even more efficient and don't contain mercury.
    Materials Become A Master Recyler/Composter
    What could you do differently to waste less?

    Kimberly Miller's avatar
    Kimberly Miller 4/19/2018 7:49 PM
    I really think its important to recycle what we can, but even more important is reducing what we buy that needs to be recycled. I'm paying more attention to packaging and trying to buy less of it. I'm also bringing my own produce bags, grocery bags, and a bag to put bulk spices in. I am meeting with the city recycling coordinator soon. I have a collection of things I'm not sure about recycling to ask about. I will learn more when she tours me around the Timberline Recycling Center.

  • Jacob Sanchez's avatar
    Jacob Sanchez 4/18/2018 10:37 AM
    Switched out all of the light bulbs in my apartment to LED's - 18 in total! Only cost about $2 dollars a piece at Costco. :)
    Transport Explore Other Transport Solutions
    What did you find out? What is the most interesting fact you learned?

    Kellie Falbo's avatar
    Kellie Falbo 4/18/2018 9:58 AM
    The idea of increased electrification of freight railways was new to me, but it makes sense.