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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

    Food Zero-waste Cooking
    In North America, up to 65% of food waste happens at the consumer level. Chef Steven Satterfield advocates for utilizing every part of a vegetable. How can you incorporate using an entire vegetable, including the skins, tops, and stalks during your next meal prep?

    Jessica Barrett's avatar
    Jessica Barrett 4/25/2018 8:52 AM
    I routinely cook with fresh veggies as a side, in a soup, or for snacking.  If there are any pieces that I don't want to eat (such as salmon skin, ends of carrots, etc), they end up mixed in with my dogs food.  I even use leftover broth from the soup to mix in for a savory dinner for her. Its a daily commitment to not waste or throw out food in my house. 

  • Amanda Holloway's avatar
    Amanda Holloway 4/25/2018 8:17 AM
    So proud of the Mayo Clinic team and the positive impact that participants; actions are having on health, well-being and the environment!

  • Becky Kessler's avatar
    Becky Kessler 4/25/2018 7:54 AM
    Did not meet all my goals, but became more aware of my ecological footprint and will continue to strive to better the planet through my actions.
    Buildings and Cities Go by Bike
    How does using human-powered transportation make you feel?

    Jennifer Ford's avatar
    Jennifer Ford 4/25/2018 7:49 AM
    I think the easy answer is that it makes me feel good.  I have been riding my bike to and from work.  The fresh air in my lungs is refreshing especially being at work inside with filtered air all day.  My legs feel stronger.  But then there's the environmental impact.  As I am riding my bike, it is obvious on how much traffic is out there and how many single drivers there are.  I am thankful I do not live far from work so that commuting by bike is a real possibility.

  • Erika Ritter's avatar
    Erika Ritter 4/25/2018 7:25 AM
    This is helping me to be mindful of waste and products that should not go in the regular trash.  So many items can be recycled or repurposed!

  • Angela Novak's avatar
    Angela Novak 4/25/2018 7:24 AM
    I have learned a lot during this challenge and will keep up my work to make the earth better for future generations.
    Food Support Local Food Systems
    Dependable fresh food, supporting local farmers and building resilient communities are just a few benefits of local food systems. Which of these advantages inspire you the most?

    Kristina Schlecht's avatar
    Kristina Schlecht 4/25/2018 7:23 AM
    I am a farmers daughter.  I want to support locally grown sustainable foods.  I also try to cook with the seasons and enjoy food when it is fresh and at the peak of readiness.
    Food Support Nutrient Management
    How does environmental quality influence your sense of community?

    Jennifer Ford's avatar
    Jennifer Ford 4/24/2018 7:17 AM
    There is a great Farmer's Market every Saturday at the park on Cactus and the 51.  We bike over there and try to buy our produce whenever we can.  Getting hot now...not sure how much longer it stays open.
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    What do you think contributes to people in North America eating more meat than other countries, and what does this say about North American values and ways of living? How do we start shifting a meat-focused food culture?

    Cinthia Shireman's avatar
    Cinthia Shireman 4/23/2018 7:04 PM
     Meat is a staple of our American diet. I am curious if this is because of our roots. Access to a meat rich diet could be linked to a sense of health and wealth. My father in law recently gifted my husband and I a half a cow. We are exceedingly greatful and it will feed us for a long time. When we thanked him he said "At least i know you will be eating well." Again, I am very thankful for the gift but eating well could also have been a CSA subscription for a year. How do we shift our culture? Let's start by stop labeling diets and exposing our youth to a wide range of foods. 
    Materials Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants
    Name some of the human activities impacting the health of water systems, both locally (your watershed) and globally (freshwater and oceans). What can you do to improve the health of water systems?

    Cinthia Shireman's avatar
    Cinthia Shireman 4/23/2018 6:49 PM
    Stormwater is a big issue in our community. Run off very often floods the streets in older parts of town. We all need to be mindful of the chemicals we put on our driveways, yards and streets to better protect our water system.