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Sustainable Floridians-Brevard Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Beth Beek Blackford's avatar
    Beth Beek Blackford 4/25/2018 8:11 PM
    Final Day - Well, I'm simply amazed by what can be accomplished in small, seemingly insignificant actions!  Congratulations Sustainable FloridiansFloridiansans , ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , and thank you all for joining me on this 3-week experiment!

  • Richard Blackford's avatar
    Richard Blackford 4/25/2018 8:06 PM
    Finishing strong today! Thanks for the opportunity, NWEI!

  • Terry Mott's avatar
    Terry Mott 4/25/2018 1:54 PM
    Wowee...I've enjoyed participating in this EcoChallenge, and it's provided a huge amount of resources in subject matters I care about.  But one of the challenges was trying to learn how to maneuver around this website, and I hope I do better next time around! 

  • Mark Holloway's avatar
    Mark Holloway 4/25/2018 12:36 PM
    Checking in for maybe the last time. Interesting to read the various postings from my teamates. Good to know there are committed people in the local community.

  • Holly Abeels's avatar
    Holly Abeels 4/25/2018 9:19 AM
    This has been a great challenge and I enjoyed participating!

  • Chris Kane's avatar
    Chris Kane 4/24/2018 11:05 PM
    Congratulations and Thank You to Northwest Earth Institute for facilitating this challenge - it's been great fun and I know that I, for one, have earned a lot from this

  • Beth Beek Blackford's avatar
    Beth Beek Blackford 4/24/2018 7:50 PM
    Day next to Last - I supported a woman-owned business in my community today during her grand opening.  Since Recycle Brevard is all about reduce, refuse, reuse, & recycle I rounded up a pair of very creative musicians to demonstrate their ingenuity.  And the crowd went wild...  Well, everyone had fun, anyway!

  • Richard Blackford's avatar
    Richard Blackford 4/24/2018 6:45 PM
    I just finished another bathroom remodel with recycled wood for all the moldings and cabinets. The project was built with western red ceder that was cut in 1980 and originally installed as siding on a nearby house.

  • Mark Holloway's avatar
    Mark Holloway 4/24/2018 5:43 PM
    This challenge reminds me of and old saying; "If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot". If we all make small positive changes it can make a big difference in the health of the planet.  

  • Chris Kane's avatar
    Chris Kane 4/23/2018 8:46 PM
    It's hard for me to believe that this challenge is just about done; i have enjoyed it and believe that this challenge has encouraged me to work on my other challenges - thank you NWEI for everything you do!!