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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 31 NAME: Population Reference Bureau TEAMS: Population Reference Bureau TEAMMATES: 29 TOTAL POINTS: 7135  
RANK: 32 NAME: Presidio Graduate School TEAMS: Presidio Graduate School TEAMMATES: 58 TOTAL POINTS: 6857  
RANK: 33 NAME: Bethel University TEAMS: Bethel Goes Green! TEAMMATES: 26 TOTAL POINTS: 6298  
RANK: 34 NAME: Cambia Health Solutions TEAMS: Cambia Evergreens TEAMMATES: 127 TOTAL POINTS: 6147  
RANK: 35 NAME: ABC's Sustainability Committee TEAMS: ABC's Sustainability Committee TEAMMATES: 21 TOTAL POINTS: 6124  
RANK: 36 NAME: St. Louis Earth Day TEAMS: St. Louis Earth Day TEAMMATES: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 5820  
RANK: 37 NAME: OSB Professional Liability Fund TEAMS: OSB Professional Liability Fund TEAMMATES: 28 TOTAL POINTS: 5377  
RANK: 38 NAME: Crescenta Valley High School TEAMS: CV Engineering Students TEAMMATES: 50 TOTAL POINTS: 5366  
RANK: 39 NAME: Climate KISS TEAMS: Climate KISS Australia TEAMMATES: 21 TOTAL POINTS: 5342  
RANK: 41 NAME: University of Cambridge TEAMS: University of Cambridge TEAMMATES: 41 TOTAL POINTS: 4896  
RANK: 42 NAME: National Co+op Grocers TEAMS: National Co+op Grocers TEAMMATES: 29 TOTAL POINTS: 4885  
RANK: 43 NAME: Penn State University TEAMS: Eco Action TEAMMATES: 46 TOTAL POINTS: 4881  
RANK: 44 NAME: Los Alamos, NM TEAMS: LACAC (Los Alamos Cares About Climate) TEAMMATES: 12 TOTAL POINTS: 4752  
RANK: 45 NAME: Beneficial State Bank & Foundation TEAMS: Beneficial State Bank TEAMMATES: 39 TOTAL POINTS: 4720  
RANK: 46 NAME: UMass Dartmouth TEAMS: ELMWOOD, UMass Dartmouth TEAMMATES: 49 TOTAL POINTS: 4573  
RANK: 47 NAME: Bedford Mothers Out Front TEAMS: Bedford Mothers Out Front (and friends) TEAMMATES: 15 TOTAL POINTS: 4375  
RANK: 48 NAME: Santa Clara University TEAMS: SustainableSCU TEAMMATES: 49 TOTAL POINTS: 4336  
RANK: 49 NAME: Project Drawdown TEAMS: Project Drawdown Community Team TEAMMATES: 28 TOTAL POINTS: 4332  
RANK: 50 NAME: Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina/MountainTrue TEAMS: Creation Care Alliance of WNC  TEAMMATES: 26 TOTAL POINTS: 4167  
RANK: 51 NAME: A loose association of friends and alumni of the UF/IFAS Brevard Extension course TEAMS: Sustainable Floridians-Brevard TEAMMATES: 10 TOTAL POINTS: 4137  
RANK: 52 NAME: Iroquois Middle School TEAMS: The Magnificent Maniacs TEAMMATES: 4 TOTAL POINTS: 4119  
RANK: 53 NAME: State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services TEAMS: Team DAS TEAMMATES: 31 TOTAL POINTS: 3989  
RANK: 54 NAME: Hennebery Eddy Architects TEAMS: Hennebery Eddy Architects TEAMMATES: 21 TOTAL POINTS: 3962  
RANK: 55 NAME: Montana State University and Friends and Family TEAMS: Go Bobcats! TEAMMATES: 31 TOTAL POINTS: 3889  
RANK: 56 NAME: Kit Carson International Academy TEAMS: Project Green Team TEAMMATES: 55 TOTAL POINTS: 3851  
RANK: 57 NAME: The Hartford TEAMS: The Hartford, Boston Strong TEAMMATES: 11 TOTAL POINTS: 3788  
RANK: 58 NAME: Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery TEAMS: Drawdown CDC Colorado TEAMMATES: 13 TOTAL POINTS: 3658  
RANK: 59 NAME: Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship TEAMS: AUUF TEAMMATES: 25 TOTAL POINTS: 3413  
RANK: 60 NAME: Kent State University, College of Business Administration TEAMS: RLI Kent COBA TEAMMATES: 29 TOTAL POINTS: 3399